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Marie Neugent

Lead the Way with Love

A Heart-Centered Leadership and Personal Development Program

Are you ready to start leading with your heart and bring love into every aspect of your life?

As your mentor and guide, my job will be to move you through the blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your most positive powerful authentic life of happiness and support you in a journey to transform inside and out!




Embark on a remarkable soulful adventure!

Gain breakthrough results

  • Shift from fear and worry to love and compassion

  • connect with the wisdom intrinsic to the heart

  • learn to lead with love in every facet of your life

I am here to help you:

  • Identify sabotaging behaviors

  • Release the pain that may be stuck in your muscles

  • Establish a deeper spiritual connection

  • Take action steps to control what's happening in your life

  • Get beyond your stinkin thinkin

  • Rise above your worries and fears

  • Get beyond that story you've crafted and the rationalizations you have used to stifle yourself from success.

  • Rescue yourself from the pain of trauma


During this program I will help you put one foot in front of the other by diving deep into behavior patterns, mindset issues and pain in your tissues.  We will work together as strategic partners as I guide, advise and lead you to your greatness!!

6 Pillars of the Program

Change - Expansion - Connection

Reliability - Immersion - Voice

1 - Be the Change


Learn to be the change in your own life by breaking through the blocks and barriers of your own heart-space and fill them with joy and contentment.


2 - Lead the Change


Learn to stand up as a Heart-Centered Leader and don’t just talk about love but lead with it.  Gain insight and practical skills to help you go out there and Lead with your Heart to encourage, motivate and guide others


3 - Soulful Expansion


Develop a deeper side of your spiritual self and learn to influence generations to come as your soul is awakened and begins to evolve with spiritual enlightenment and a deeper relatinship with God


4 - Soulful Connecting


Connect to Your Souls Purpose and Finding the Deep Love of Self and Your Higher Power with  learning ancient healing techniques and teachings


5 - Spiritual Reliability


Change your mindset from problem solver and to a leader that instills confidence and recognizes great potential in others.


6 - Immerse Yourself in Your Wellbeing


Gain impactful and transformative insight through prayer, meditation and energizing movement with heart opening yoga


Find your Voice 

Learn to forgive yourself and others, let go of past hurts with Hawaiian Ho’oponopono and Breathwork

This is a 3 month immersion accompanied by an open community in a FB group to promote healing, personal enlightenment, and leadership development.

  • Course Curriculum access for 3 Months

  • Daily Guided Meditations and Teaching on the 6 Principles

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching and Video Trainings with accompanied workbooks and handouts

Register and save your seat TODAY!! DO NOT MISS OUT on this special time for you to RISE AND SHINE and take the next step TO REACT BY RISING UP so you can make that QUANTUM LEAP in your Soul - Purpose!!





Full Payment


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~3 Month  Lead the Way with Love Program
~3 Months of group accountability 

~ Access to private Lead the Way with Love Facebook Group

~ Access to full course recordings

3 Payments of $500

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