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You are a beautiful beacon of light.  Your growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will be better than today.   I am here to be your guide and help you rise above your circumstance and shine.

Like so many of you, I have spent years saying yes when I meant to say no.  Overachieving was my norm.  At times I was desperately unhappy, felt disrespected in my home and in my career, things just seemed to happen to me and I felt like there was no end.  Once I understood - completely understood - that me and God are the only ones truly responsible for my destiny, sustainable happiness had to start within....everything changed.


I am someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way to your unseen potential. That's why I've spent over 30 years learning, teaching, and refining my understanding of what we need to master our growth to become the people we truly want to be.

Join me and my mentorship community Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs: Holistic Living for Business  every month for a live conversation to get in-the-moment insights and answers to your most pressing challenges. You will receive support, training, tools strategies and mindset support to help you shine.


It will be an opportunity for us to meet in real time as we work together to reach your greatest potential. You can share your thoughts on each conversation with my other mentees and access recordings of our most recent calls. Plus, you can ask me your questions directly during our LIVE Q&A.


  • A monthly one-hour live call with me, with the opportunity to ask me your questions

  • Access to a private, online portal

  • Unlimited access to past calls on your membership platform

  • Ongoing participation in the online community of my mentees


Accelerate your growth. Make greater gains in your journey with a guide who knows the way and shows the way.


Let's get you plugged in today



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