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Meet Marie

Holistic Leadership Coach, Master Holistic Wellness Practitioner, and former corporate leader showing you how to integrate holistic health and professional leadership development to fulfill your dreams as a successful leader transforming the world with your greatness.

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Hi I'm Marie...your friend and coach

Before becoming a professional coach and mentor, I spent over 20 years successfully climbing the corporate ladder.  As a wife and mother of two energetic boys, I lived my dream career of leading amazing teams and inspiring men and women in management to step into their power and to reach their career goals. 

Although there were many outstanding accomplishments along the way, I started to be guided towards something greater.  I knew God wanted me to do more!  After an emotionally draining divorce and then a near death horse accident, I realized I needed to go deep within to find my path.  The true journey to leadership success was not a work harder mentality but a holistic way of life.  A life that had Our Creator at the forefront, a growth mindset, a holistic mentality and a consistent dedicated focus on my success.


We must invest in our wholeness - self, family, career and community.  Until we make the transition to healing our own inner wounds and discover our true authentic selves, we will never truly arrive at that fulfilling joyful life and career we believe is at the end of the yellow brick road.


I know now that living your dream is a life-long journey and you don't need to waste precious time getting there by being a workaholic, feeling overwhelmed and always on the grind. 


I  help women just like you  navigate the path to professional success and step into your Queen Confidence in a way that feels awesome inside and looks good as you walk your walk and talk your talk.

It’s an honor for me to facilitate and witness the change you’ll experience. I believe there’s a link between energy and performance. So when you get into mind, body, spirit alignment and harness that link (and use it for good), great things happen — at work, in life, and deep within yourself. 

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My Coaching Credentials


15+ years of experiences as a:

  • Entrepreneur and Owner of a Holistic Wellness Practice

  • Certified Holistic Life Coach

  • Certified Christian Life Coach

  • Certified Quantum Coach

  • 500 Hour Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher

  • Master Western Herbalist

  • Board Certified Professional Massage Therapist

  • Master Energy Worker


20+ years of experience as a:

  • C-Suite Executive in healthcare and fitness as a CEO and CFO

  • Board Member - Non-Profit Organizations

  • Keynote Speaker on Women's Empowerment and Leadership

You are a beautiful beacon of light.  Your growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will be better than today.   I am here to be your guide and help you rise above your circumstance and shine.

Like so many of you, I have spent years saying yes when I meant to say no.  Overachieving was my norm.  At times I was desperately unhappy, felt disrespected in my home and in my career, things just seemed to happen to me and I felt like there was no end.  Once I understood - completely understood - that me and God are the only ones truly responsible for my destiny, sustainable happiness had to start within....everything changed.

I am someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way to your unseen potential. That's why I've spent over 30 years learning, teaching, and refining my understanding of what we need to master our growth to become the people we truly want to be.

I am ready to mentor and coach you to get in-the-moment insights and answers to your most pressing challenges. You will receive support, training, tools strategies and mindset support to help you shine.


It will be an opportunity for us to meet in real time as we work together to reach your greatest potential.

Accelerate your growth. Make greater gains in your journey with a guide who knows the way and shows the way.


Let's get you plugged in today

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