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Lomi Lomi - Kahuna Principles Retreat


Kahuna Principles is a in-depth study of the cultural beliefs, rituals, traditions and bodywork of ancient Hawaiian’s. This workshop is designed to give the participant an insight to their own spiritual beliefs as well as their energetic imprint. Students will also receive techniques and guidance in the physical techniques used within Lomi Lomi Temple Style Bodywork.  These teachings are based on the theories and principles of Kahu Abraham Kawi of Na Pua ‘Olohe.  Presented by his student and wife Ho'okahi Tamara Stephens.


 40 CE's  NCBTMB approved

Instructors:  Ho'okahi Tamara Stephens (via zoom),  Susan E. Hanna, LMT, BCTMB & Marie Minor Neugent, LMT, BCTMB