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Our Mission: 

To broaden and enhance the professional massage therapist's knowledge of various modalities through continuing education courses.

Our Vision:

 By offering a wide variety of continuing education to our students, we will further enable them to furnish a therapeutic massage session that is most beneficial to their clients' individual needs.

Marie Neugent has been teaching Lomi Lomi since 2016, Bamboo Bliss since 2008 and providing holistic services since 2008.

Marie’s intention is to assist others in their transformation and growth, connecting them with all that they are. 

Marie was introduced to Hawaiian Temple Bodywork in the early 1990’s while vacationing in Hawaii.  Since childhood she has loved everything about Hawaii culture and the aloha way of life.  In 2016, after spending years studying and teaching massage therapy, meditation, energy work, yoga, and various other holistic therapies, Marie was given the opportunity to learn Lomi Lomi from her mentor Susan Hannah, LMT, BCTMB and went on to be taught in depth from Ho’Ohaki the wife of Kahuna, Abraham Kawaii.  . “Lomi Lomi has had such a profound effect on my life. Providing the sacred space to teach and offer sessions provides a sense of peace, love and connection to God.”


She earned her initial massage certification through the National Massage Therapy Institute and has received over 2000 credit hours of instruction from a multitude of massage schools and continuing education providers.  She was guided to teach massage therapy across the US in 2008 and has taught thousands of students, dedicating herself fully to their individual growth as well as supporting them to offer this power of Lomi Lomi to others.

In both his sessions and his workshops, Marie believes that the journey is one of connection to Spirit, self-realization and a deep sense healing of self and others.

“For me, it is a tremendous gift to share the power and beauty of this ancient healing work with people and witness them awakening to themselves on soul level.”

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Lomi Lomi Bliss

This traditional massage of the islands is considered a gift of healing.   Ancient healing techniques brings one's self into balance on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   Graceful flowing strokes aid in freeing the mind, body and soul.  Students will receive a basic understanding of the principles of LomiLomi as well as be able to perform a full body routine.  See why we call it the "loving hands massage"


Bamboo Bliss

Trying to decide if you want to add Bamboo massage to your menu of services? Looking to enhance your bodywork session?  Want to prefect the skills you learned in class?  This introductory training class is designed to teach students specific techniques which may be added to their individual body work session, utilizing heated Bamboo & Rosewood instruments.

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