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Meet Your Coach

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 A tool sitting on the shelf is useless.  So let's take your tools out and get to to work - God's work!

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I am ready to work with you and provide the tools to transform you and create the life and business you want.

I am a woman of great faith dedicated to leading, empowering and equipping women to lead healthy, soul-purposed lives by realizing their God-given potential and become change-leaders for the world. 

Since I was a small child, I knew I was different.   I knew I was meant for more.  I have always had a zest for life, knowledge, a love of nature and encouraging people.  I have spent more than a decade as a leader and seeker with a dedicated focus in spirituality, divine connection, leadership and a vast variety of modalities that center around spirituality and healing from trauma.  

My mission in life is to help you realize that regardless of your struggle, you are absolutely awesome inside and out.  

I started my life journey in corporate America at the age of 21 in the medical and fitness industry  in executive management positions empowering my staff to be the best they could be.  For over 20 years I managed large group physicians practices, trained and supervised employees from doctors, nurses, practice managers to staff accountants and administrative assistants.  I loved my work but Creator had other plans for me.

In 2006, I was involved in a near death horse accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury, body injury and severe PTSD.  This event would catapult me into digging deeper into my faith and answering God’s call to change my career and focus my life on letting the world know God loved and cared for them as I set out on a journey in holistic health and wellness. After thousands of hours of training and education I became a Holistic Wellness Practitioner as a National Certified Massage Therapist and Educator, Certified 500 hour Yoga Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Medicine Specialist, Certified Faith and Health Ambassador, Master Herbalist, and Ordained Christian Minister.




Alongside my husband Eric, since 2008 I have had a successful faith-based holistic wellness practice Touch of Healing in Mesa, Arizona.  I have been teaching spiritual leadership, meditation and yoga for over 12 years.  

As a devoted wife, mother, spiritual leader and business owner I have spent the last 30+ years helping people heal and thrive while encouraging teams of staff and managers to live out their dreams and soar to greatness.

My coaching and healing practice comes from a place of self empowerment and deep spiritual integrity.

I treat everyone whom I come in contact with like family with a heart-centered vibration of loving acceptance and soulful compassion opening the door to a deep connection of the soul with gifts and abilities given to me from Creator to guide you to the light and a compassionate healing experience.

I have been leading with conscious compassion for over 30 years. My powerful executive management, entrepreneurial experience and soul-driven lifestyle have propelled me to use my spiritual gifts and help women live and lead their lives with love and take care of their health - mind, body and spirit.


"Transformation starts with self-love and acceptance. Then we dig deeper and help you remove the limiting beliefs, embrace biblical truths and gain holistic knowledge on how to live a healthy relationship with God, self and others as you experience inner healing and have huge expansion of your personal life, professionals life and soar beyond your wildest dreams”


So are you ready? 


Let's get you on the awakened leadership path and start your journey now - today - together.

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