About Marie

Hi, I am a woman of great faith dedicated to equipping others  to lead a healthy, soul-purposed life by realizing their God-given potential one beautiful moment at a time.


I am a devoted wife, mother, spiritual leader, coach, body worker, and herbalist who has spent the last 30 years leading people to greatness.  I am the Founder and President of a global leadership coaching and community outreach company, Lead with Love International and co-owner of an integrative wellness practice, Touch of Healing, in Mesa, Arizona.

You see, my greatest passion in life is that every person who comes in contact with me will see, feel and hear my light and want to know more about how they can shine brightly too. 

It is my purpose in life to be that guide, to know the way and help you go after it and not only find your greatness but shine it for the whole world to see.

I will help you have the right mindset, discover and tune into your soul-purpose and propel you like never before into that happy, healthy, and fulfilled life you've dreamed of.

So are you ready?  Let's get you on that path and start your journey now - today - together.


There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

          Maya Angelou



"Marie co-creates an oasis for mind, body, heart and spirit. My session offered me all I hoped for and beyond. I feel she is a true partner in my wholeness and healing. She combines her grounded knowledge in several modalities, weaves that with her intuition, and the results are beyond measure. So grateful for her presence and wisdom." 
Cindy C, Coaching and Bodywork Client







"All I can say is Wow!  Marie's training was the birthplace for my business to blossom! She opened up some things in me that were stuck deep inside for a very long time.  I found my "authentic voice!" In the last year I have got my massage business up and running and generating income and it all started your guidance! Thank you so much Marie!"

Audrey, Event Participant

"Marie has been such an inspiration to me to reach what I thought was beyond my grasp.  I appreciate that I had Marie as my coach and am a better woman because of  her.” 
Judy P, Coaching Client


Touch of Healing Massage and Wellness Center

4111 E Valley Auto Drive, Suite 201,  Mesa, AZ  85206




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